Fertility issues can be emotionally overwhelming. That is why RMA of Texas has designed a strong wellness program that supports the concept to look at the whole person and not just focus on the physiological aspects of fertility. Our Wellness Program forms part of RMA of Texas’ commitment to providing patients with comprehensive care options throughout their fertility journey         For any questions  about our wellness program please contact our Wellness Coach:  Mayu Quevedo LPC, LMFT RPT (Click to my Bio?) Ph. 915-838-8638 Email: [email protected]   (ONCE CLICKED TAKES YOU TO THIS): SUPPORT GROUP:




Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day.  ~Sally Koch

  Our “Fertility Talk” Support Group is a time to come together to share, experience, and learn from others who are navigating though the challenges of creating the dream of building their family. Join us the second Tuesday of every month from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.   Our Fertility Talk Topic This Month is: “General Support” Tuesday, October 8, 2013 6:00 pm   Next Month’s Topic, November 12th will be, “ Those Not So Jolly Fertility Moments: Embracing the Holidays”   Our Group is Facilitated by our Counseling and Wellness Coach Mayu Quevedo, LPC, LMFT, RPT www.solutioncompass.com           (CLICK TAKES YOU TO THIS) RMA of Texas Wellness Package Session   LET US TAKE CARE OF ALL OF YOU!   If you are like most couples experiencing fertility challenges, you did not decide to embark in this journey, but you can control how to live through it.

  • No Additional Cost
  • Schedule in Person or Via Video Conferencing
  • Evening Appointments available
  • Schedule at any time during your cycle

Control how you navigate your family building journey by:

  • Help with Decision Making!
  • Using mind body techniques before during and after your treatment
  • Learn strategies to strengthen couple communication
  • Use this time to learn how to manage your thinking so it does not manage you
  • Develop a Toolbox for coping with ALL the different emotions that accompany Fertility
  • Learning about parenting after infertility is a topic not often discussed but very worth exploring!
  • Setting some time for yourself or as a couple to just talk about what’s on your mind can create a pleasurable unexpected experience

YOU CHOOSE WHAT YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT…   RMA OF TEXAS WELLNESS COACH:   Mayu Quevedo LPC, LMFT, RPT  www.solutioncompass.com Call Me: 915-838-8638         Email Me: [email protected] I look forward to being a positive part of your family building journey!       CLICK TAKES YOU TO THIS: INDIVIDUAL AND COUPLES COUNSELING:       Infertility is ranked by psychologists as high on the stress scale as that of a life-threatening disease.  You may feel like you are on a roller coaster of emotions for which you may not see a clear end in sight.  The unpredictability of infertility can leave you emotionally overwhelmed with feelings that may include fear, anxiety, doubt, inadequacy, hope, anger, shame, guilt and powerlessness to name a few. Counseling can help you break down the wall that infertility has built, so that you can create emotional health and healing from within and in your relationship.   Coping with infertility is hard, and getting support from a trained professional (CLICK TO PAGE WITH SHARMA AND MY INFO) is 100% normal.   HOW CAN COUNSELING HELP?

  • Help you learn to control the stress, anxiety, and depression that often accompany Infertility.
  • Prevent and resolve relational conflict and address specific problems.
  •  Enhance couple communication, support, and understanding.
  • Create a platform to gather the appropriate type and amount of information to help in decision-making.
  • Bring about symptom relief and healthy coping skills.
  • Assist with the experience of grief and loss.
  • Help you Communicate effectively with family, friends, physicians, and staff.