RPL- Recurrent Pregnancy Loss


Losing a pregnancy is a devastating event that happens to roughly 15% of couples trying to conceive.  However, for some couples miscarriages can happen more than once.   Around 2% of couples may experience two miscarriages in a row and less than 1% of couples may experience more than three miscarriages in a row.  A couple is defined as having recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL) if they experience three or more consecutive miscarriages, however, the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) recommends diagnostic work up after couples have two consecutive miscarriages.


There are several known causes of RPL that a standard work up can reveal and this will help couples understand why they lost their pregnancy and help with planning future pregnancies.  Causes can include genetic issues such as the baby having abnormal chromosomes, structural problems with the uterus, hormonal issues and blood clotting disorders.  Unfortunately 50% of couples will not have an answer and will be labeled as having unexplained RPL.  The Pregnancy Loss Program at RMA-TX is here to provide you with emotional support, answers to why and moreover, hope for the future for every couple faced with RPL.   In a collaboration with the Dell Medical School (UT Austin), we will use an innovative approach to diagnosing RPL and actively involve our couples in research studies to explain the unexplained RPL. If you have recurring losses in your journey to a family, we encourage you to have a full workup and allow us to help you find the underlying cause.